Lottery ticket winner files lawsuit

What originally thought to be a man’s dream coming true ended up turning into a complete nightmare. The winner of the $1 million dollar Texas jackpot set out to reclaim his prize only to be defrauded by the clerk working at a local convenience store in Grand Prairie.
The suit was filed by an Austin law firm Howry Breen & Herman LLP on behalf of the victim Willis Willis against both the Texas Lottery and the Lucky Mart in Grand Prairie. This was only after a two year battle between Willis and the Texas Lottery to receive further information about the lottery that took place on May 2009. His efforts had got him nowhere and the Texas Lottery refuses to pay his reward considering it was already redeemed by the lottery agent at the convenience store.
Willis, a retired navy veteran and apartment maintenance worker routinely purchase Mega Million tickets from the Lucky Mart in Grand Prairie. Only this time he had realized that he won the million dollar jackpot and returned to the convenience store to reclaim his prize. His ticked was reviewed by Pankaj Joshi, a lottery agent that worked in the store. He claimed that he actually didn’t win and that Willis was mistaken.
Ironically, Joshi had been previously fired for theft and then re-hired in Austin by the Lucky Mart. He then later went to Austin to claim his $1 million prize and had relocated to Nepal. The Texas Lottery to this day stands behind Joshi as the true lottery winner for the grand prize.
Regardless, a state district court judge ruled in favor of Willis granting him thus far $395,000 that authorities had retrieved.

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