Rape victim sues YMCA

Last July, a young 11 year old girl became the victim of rape by one of the summer counselors at the YMCA.  The girl was found to not only be pregnant, but also had contracted a sexual transmitted disease from the 18 year old counselor.
The girl had given birth to the baby earlier in 2011 and was successfully treated for the disease that she had contracted. However, the girl’s parents have filed charges against Martel A. Jones, the summer counselor and a civil suit against YMCA for negligence.
The plaintiffs claim that YMCA failed to properly train and supervise their summer counselor. In addition, the authorities were not contacted after the incident occurred. They did inform the parents that there had been allegations and immediately fired Jones for misconduct with one of their members.
It was after the incident occurred that the parents of the 11 year old girl were found out that she was in fact raped considering they noticed that her belly was increasing in size. Their daughter happened to be mentally handicapped being the reason it had taken months to prove that Mr. Jones was in fact guilty.
The buffalo police department picked Mr. Jones up and detained him in April and he now faces 25 years in prison for his crime. As for YMCA, the family has not stated a specific amount considering they feel that they can’t put a price on what happened to their daughter due to the negligence of YMCA. However, they do claim that she now suffers emotional and mental damage.

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  • been there!!

    The YMCA continues to let members down by going the cheap route and employing poor trained staff. Lives are at stake!!