Apple sued for over tracking their iPhone users

What was once thought to be merely a communication device has now become a homing beacon for cell phone users. With the exponential growth in mobile technology, carriers like Apple, now have the ability to triangulate a user’s position and access other sensitive information. A Tampa resident and iPhone user, Vikram Ajjampur states that this is against his privacy rights and was not notify about the data being captured from his phone.
Vikram’s lawyer, Aaron Mayer, claims that Apple was conducting computer fraud and invading his client’s privacy with what he calls “rampant covert tracking” while not informing their users. They are asking that the court to carry out an injunction to stop them from continuing this infiltrating activity. His concerns come from the thought of third parties abusing this information being collected.
However, the information does appear to remain on the device until it is synced with a computer, but the problem arises from this data being transferred without any encryption. This would make for an easy target when considering the hacking possibilities.
Unfortunately, this may be a challenging lawsuit to win considering that the laws cited in this case may not apply and from a technological standpoint, there are boundless hurdles to be addressed. Despite the fact that this case might be thrown out and may not even make it to a jury, they still have the possibility for a pay-off.
The negative publicity may be more than enough to incur a settlement for this whole case to go away, but for Vikram, he won’t be satisfied until the databases are cleared and users privacy rights are restored.
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